Statute of Diversity Media

Article 1

Name of the organization is Диверзити Медиа in Cyrillic and in Latin (Diversity Media) hereinafter Association, based in Skopje, Nikola Trimpare Street 27A, Skopje- Centar, 1000 Skopje.

Article 2

The goals of the Association are as following: – Enhancing the professional skills of the journalists and media professionals in Macedonia. – Supporting development of the independent, free and democratic media in Macedonia. – Enhancing cooperation among media professionals from Macedonia and from the world. – Developing the civil society in Macedonia. – Promotion and development of the communities’ cultural values. – Supporting minor and marginalized groups. – Supporting media that produce program for minorities and marginalized groups. – Developing citizens’ critical thinking – Supporting democratic transformation of the society – Developing citizens’ democratic awareness – Supporting and developing the photo and film arts – Promotion and development of the new media.

Article 3

Stated goals of the Association will be implemented with the following activities: – Organizing workshops and seminars for media professionals – Radio, TV and film production in order to promote and development of the cultural values of the communities – Radio, TV and film production in order to protect minorities’ and marginalized groups rights – Radio, TV and film production in order to raise the democratic awareness of the citizens as well as the democratic transformation of the society – Organizing cultural events for the minorities’ and marginalized groups – Researches – Debates – Publications – Using the new media for promotion and fulfilling the goals stated above.

Article 4

Membership in the Association is voluntarily and is regulated by filling forms for membership.

Article 5

The Association Assembly has right to decide regarding exclusion of the member of the Association. Exclusion could be carried out only if determined that the member has acted against the principles of this statute. Exclusion is carried out with 2/3(two thirds) majority of the votes decision of the Assembly.

Article 6

The members of the Association have right to take part in different events and to represent the Association in and outside the country.

Article 7

The members must act in accordance with the statute of the Association as well as according all other decisions adopted by the Assembly. The members are responsible for their work to the Assembly.

Article 8

Bodies of the Association are: Assembly and President of the Association.

Article 9

Assembly is consisted of the members of the founding assembly as well as all others who became member by filling form for membership and who are registered in the association’s members registry.

Article 10

The Assembly delivers Rulebook, Work program and other acts related to the functioning of the Association. The Assembly gathers at least annually and deals with main documents of the Association work done, but also can gather for other provisions of this Statute.

Article 11

The Assembly elects President of the Association with 2/3 majority of the votes. His mandate is 4 years. The President represents the Association to all state bodies and outside of the state. Therefore he/her is signatory of all agreements and other acts the Association signs with third parties. The President of the Association chairs the Assembly sessions.

Article 12

The Association legally is represented by the President or person authorized by the President.

Article 13

The Association collects funds by: – Membership – Donations – Voluntary prologues – Sponsorships – Revenues by realized projects and given services – Adequate funds for associations’ support – Other activities.

Article 14

The final financial report is made by the President of the Association. Individual financial reports about the work done by the Association are made also by members who deal with certain projects of the Association. All reports are adopted by Assembly with 2/3 majority.

Article 15

Financial and material operation of the Association is in accordance with positive legal regulations of the Republic of Macedonia. For particular jobs, the Association may hire experts in order to reduce the expenses for organizational- expert or administrative- technical activity.

Article 16

The Association has its own ban account. Bank account is managed by the President of the Association or by other person authorized by the president.

Article 17

The material resources and other valuables that Association will get for certain purpose, could be spent only for that purpose and will be kept on a separate account in the management accounting of the Association.

Article 18

For expert bookkeeping financial purposes, the President may hire individual or company to deal with.

Article 19

The Association work is public and is subject of critics and evaluation by members, by state bodies, other organization and wider public through internal media sources as well as public media sources.

Article 20

The Association work is nonpartisan and independently of any political, social, racial, sexual and lingual distinction.

Article 21

Informing and reporting of the work done by the Association will be conducted by its bodies and authorities, as well as through electronic and internet media.

Article 22

The Statute of the Association may be changed and amended by the Assembly with 2/3 majority support. The changes may be proposed by at least 5 Assembly members or by one member of the founding assembly.

Article 23

The Assembly decides in relation with all kinds of status changes as well as for the termination of the Association with 2/3 majority. The changes or termination may be proposed by at least 5 members of the Assembly or by one member of the founding assembly.

Article 24

Plans and programs of the Association are adopted by 2/3 majority of the Assembly. Plans and programs of the Association may be proposed by at least 5 members of the Assembly or by one member of the founding assembly.

Article 25

In case of termination of the Association, the property and resources of the Association gained through its activities will be donated to other association which will be decided by Assembly with the simple majority.

Article 26

All other binding regulations by the Law for Associations and Foundations are binding for the Association. Article 17 This Statute comes into force with its adoption by the Founding Assembly.